Characteristics of various food conveyors

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Belt conveyors
Special food grade conveyor belts are generally used to meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, and daily chemical industries. The conveyor of the belt conveyor is stable, and there is no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, which can avoid damage to the conveyed material. It is less noisy than other conveyors and is suitable for applications where the working environment is quiet. The structure is simple and easy to maintain; the energy consumption is small and the use cost is low.

Chain conveyor
The chain conveyor is to support and transport materials by means of load-bearing members such as slabs or slats of various structures and forms coupled to the traction chain. The load capacity is large, and the conveying weight can reach several tens of tons or more, which is especially suitable for the transportation of large weight materials. The conveying length can reach more than 120 meters, and the operation is stable and reliable. It is suitable for the assembly line of single-piece heavy products. The structure of the device is firm and reliable, and can be used in harsh environments. Various accessories or fixtures can be placed on the chain plate. The transmission line is flexible in layout, which can be horizontally, climbed, and turned. The inclination angle can reach 45 degrees when transporting uphill.

Mesh belt conveyor
Mesh belt conveyors are not easy to snake, run off, and because the belt can withstand the characteristics of cutting, collision, oil resistance, water resistance, etc., so that the industry will not cause troubles in maintenance, especially in the replacement of conveyor belt steel mesh Belt conveyors reduce the overhead. The mesh belts with different materials can be used for different conveying functions and meet the needs of different environments. They are widely used in the transportation of beverage bottles, aluminum cans, medicines, cosmetics, foods, etc., and can be made into storage bottles by using different mesh belts. Special equipment for the industry such as Taiwan, hoist, sterilizer, vegetable washing machine, cold bottle machine and meat food conveying.