How to maintain the conveyor belt in the food industry

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As we all know, when the food industry conducts food transportation, it needs to avoid the vibration of the conveyor and the noise generated by the friction, and the start of the conveyor. Therefore, the role of the mesh belt is relatively large, and the customer is more concerned about the maintenance of the belt. The question, how to avoid the friction phenomenon of the mesh belt? How to maintain the conveyor belt of the food conveyor? The following points are for reference only:

1. The belt has a deviation:
If the belt belt is deviated, it is recommended that the operator adjust the tensioning shaft at one end of the driven shaft. Note that during the adjustment process, the speed must not be fast, so as to avoid the occurrence of scratches on the edge of the mesh belt.

2. The mesh belt has jitter:
When the mesh belt is shaken, it is necessary to close the food conveyor equipment in time, and then check whether the roller in the transport rack or the transport tunnel is corrosive. If this phenomenon occurs, the user needs to adjust it in time.

3. The chain has a jump chain:
If the chain of the food conveyor is chained or the operation is unstable when the production operation is delivered, it is necessary to check whether the sprocket at both ends of the drive shaft runs synchronously. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the tooth end of the transmission sprocket is excessively worn.

4. Transport corrosive materials:
If the conveyor network of the food conveyor is corrosive or subject to the humidity of the working environment, the user must pay great attention to the choice of materials for the food mesh belt.
In combination with the above-mentioned food conveyor belt maintenance measures, I hope to have reference to the user. In short, according to the actual needs of the production of food enterprises to transport materials, only the correct choice of food conveyor belts, in order to be better applied to production, thereby saving the company less cost.
The maintenance of the mesh belt is an important step. The important part in the food conveyor is the mesh belt. Therefore, the quality of the mesh belt is related to the quality of the whole food conveyor. The following is a brief introduction to the specific maintenance of the mesh belt. And operation.
Proper use and maintenance of equipment is an important part of equipment management. It is a series of maintenance work performed by the operators and professionals on the basis of the technical data and parameter requirements and maintenance rules of the equipment. It is also an objective requirement for the equipment's own movement.
Equipment maintenance and repair work includes: daily maintenance (one warranty), equipment lubrication and regular fueling and oil change, preventive test, regular adjustment accuracy and equipment second and third level maintenance. The maintenance and maintenance of the equipment directly affects the operation of the equipment, the quality of the products and the production efficiency of the enterprise.

1. Inspection of mesh belt equipment pays attention to cleaning
Equipment inspection is an effective means to timely grasp the technical status of equipment, implement equipment condition monitoring and maintenance, and is the basic work of maintenance. It is a heavy burden to maintain the normal operation of equipment by checking and eliminating hidden dangers of equipment and preventing sudden failures and accidents. working.

2. Daily inspection to eliminate hidden dangers
The daily inspection is the operation of the workers according to the prescribed standards, based on the sense of five senses, to check the technical status of all parts of the equipment, in order to find the trap in time, take countermeasures, and minimize the loss of downtime. For key equipment, every shift or a certain time by the operator

3. Secondary maintenance must keep up
This level of maintenance is based on operational work and maintenance work. The maintenance cycle can be determined according to the working environment and working conditions of the equipment. For example, the gold cutting machine can be set to 400-600 operating hours, and the stopping time and maintenance working time can be calculated according to the 0.5 leaflet per complex factor of the equipment.